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  • "The best way to predict the future is to create it." - Peter Drucker

    Everyday, we vote with our time and our resources. In big and small ways we reinforce and shape the world around us. There are systems all around us that we unconsciously participate in. And with each technological shift, we are given an opportunity to shape the world we want to live in.


    Web3 represents a new suite of tools and superpowers that can uplift individuals and communities in ways never before possible. The use of a blockchain, token, NFT, or smart contracts are not the primary distinguishing trait of a crypto company but the willingness to build together and desire to disproportionately share in the value creation with a community as it grows.


    Current areas of interest:

    + Web3 / Crypto / Blockchain - Ethereum, DAOs, NFTs, Cross-chain solutions, Scaling solutions, Automated Market Makers, Tokenization of real-world assets, Income Sharing Agreements, Personal Tokens, Identity.

    + Virtual / Augmented / Mixed Reality / Volumetric Video - Humanizing and more Immersive Media, better ways for groups to coordinate using software.

    + Open Source Technologies - Sustainable Business Models, Governance/Ownership Economy, Global Talent, Media Legos

    + Supporting Asian American founders, builders, and operators.

  • Stops along the way


    Jan 2018-Current


    Building and investing in the best founders harnessing the power of blockchains and Ethereum.


    June 2011-Aug 2017


    Investing in the best founders in the world. Sourcing, diligence, strategy for our portfolio and the NY tech community. Focused on frontier tech: VR/AR, AI/ML, voice, Blockchain, consumer sectors.


    July 2007-April 2011

    Group Account Director / VP

    Strategic lead for a dozen brands growing their capabilities through social, paid media, influencer marketing, emerging tech partnerships. Managed brands such as Mondelez: Ritz Crackers, Trident, Chips Ahoy, Halls, Sour Patch Kids, Nilla Wafers; Wink: smart home technologies.


    July 2007-April 2011

    Director, Digital Strategy

    Helped to lead and create the first Digital Strategy department and also ran the Digital Lab, our connection to startups and emerging tech. Clients included GE, Lowe's Home Improvement, FootLocker, Starbucks, Mars Petcare, Red Cross, and many more.


    July 2007-April 2011

    Lead Search Account Manager

    Managed every search media campaign for Starwood Hotels west of the Mississippi. Also, did ecommerce for Limited Brands: Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works, PINK.

    Zenith Media

    July 2007-April 2011

    Media planning for Chase Bank credit cards.

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